Strange text on download/archive pages on


i’m not sure if this is the correct place to ask or if there is some specific contact to report issues within

When opening it seems there is a strange / malformed text at the top of that page:

To download older versions please visit see downloads archive page. Changelog for ownCloud 9 Changelog for ownCloud 8 Changelog for ownCloud 7

I think the “Changelog for” text parts probably should be links to some older Changelogs or am i wrong?

Something similar happens at as well, there the following can be seen:

Looking for older ownCloud versions? See the list below. Note: Most of the older versions are not supported any more and are not recommended for initial setups. ownCloud server 10.2 Tarball: Linux packages: 10.1.1 Tarball: Linux packages: 10.0 Tarball: Linux packages: 9.1.8 Tarball: Linux packages: 9.0.11 Tarball: Linux packages: 8.2.11 Tarball: Linux […]

Or could it be possible that this auto-generated from the content on that pages?

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Hehe, i just have seen an older post of mine in Owncloud link > Oops 404, PNF where i had found in the past.

Maybe the posting here is still seen by the responsible people?

For some reason there are also other problems with older changelog pages, e.g. shows also entries for 9.0.2.

I think there is something really messed up in the following links: (showing strange bold summary at the top) (showing strange bold summary at the top) (showing strange bold summary at the top) (Showing entries for e.g. 9.1.0/9.0.3 and strange bold summary at the top) (Showing entries for e.g. 9.0.2/8.2.5 and strange bold summary at the top)

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What a mess! But thanks for your investigation!



maybe @dmitry or @lefherz could the responsible developer maintaining the this issue?

Thanks for the notice. I had a look into this and fixed it just now.


Hey @OC-Florian,

nice and thanks for the update. It seems to me the mixed versions mentioned here are still there / not fixed:

Updated the page also. Thx

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