Will Owncloud 10.1.0 run, if I update from PHP7.0 to PHP7.1?


Operating system : ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Web server: apache2

Database: mysql

PHP version: 7.0

ownCloud version: (10.1.0)

Calendar version: (1.6.1)

Updated from an older installed version or fresh install:
Started with updates (repository) from 9.1 my first version.

List of activated apps:
calender, contacts, audioplayer, activity

My owncloud has to be run. So if I update from PHP7.0 to PHP7.1 will owncloud still work of do I get errors?



have you tried to look into the ownCloud documentation to read about the PHP versions which are supported by ownCloud?



owncloud 10.1 is compatible to PHP 7.1, 7.2 according to documentation. The Question is will owncloud run if I update from 7.0 to PHP 7.1 or 7.2. I updated my server once from ubuntu 16.04 to 18.04 and it worked, but it was not stable. So I saw that clamav was making problems and installed it new. It changed php curl configuration and onwcloud was crashed and I was not able to get it back to life. I installed php curl new but owncloud was still claiming there is al problem with php curl. So I went back by image to ubuntu server 16.04. The information I got is, owncloud is very sensitive on php configuration.



if you update the PHP version then i think you need to make sure that you have all PHP extensions (like curl) installed for this new version of PHP.

From what i can see this topic has been discussed in various other topics like e.g.:


So it is better to do not update PHP, it’s what I see!



i think this depends on your needs / requirements. But if your problems where related to whats discussed in the linked issues above then i think such situations could be easily solved by you if you install the correct PHP extensions for the new PHP version which are listed here: